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When Mr. Oogie Boogie says There's trouble close at hand You'd better pay attention now 'Cause I'm the Boogie Man And if you aren't shakin' Then there's something very wrong 'Cause this may be the last time now That you hear the boogie song, ohhh


Where shifts happen. Phone: 0402696481

Spell Casting

A fun work shop that teaches you how to safely cast spells for love, money, protection and jobs. Done in a safe environment and learning the respect of everyone feel will. You get to make your own spell under the supervision of a Gypsy Elder.

Spell kit $40 Lesson $135


Psychic Development Morning

This morning group is a time to have little tasters of developing your inner seeing. Some may call it meditation. However we don’t sit in strange positions, do breathing or say OM for an hour. We interact, we visualise and connect to our inner knowing. Its fun and helps you decide where you may want to go in your walk.

Time 60 minutes Price$10


Algonquin Traditional Moon Ceremony

And drumming circle is a mediation using hand drums and any percussion instrument in a circle. You learn to connect to your African, Aboriginal or Indian guide. They will help you connect to your instrument. Learning in 3 basic beats. We connect to the energy of the earth and send healing to it through the beats.

Class lesson 2 hours $40


Crossing Over Evening

Spend the evening with a medium that will connect you back to your love one’s that have passed.

Time 3hours Price $40

Authentic Gypsy Wax readings

You pick the colours and Avalon 9th Generation gypsy will heat the wax creating a picture. Once dried she will interpret the symbols, images and colours chosen that encompasses a message for you that makes up the final drawing. Each picture is unique as none are alike or able to be duplicated.


30 minutes $60

1 hour $80

How to make Dream Catcher

Learn to make a American Dream catcher or talisman for your home or a gift. Hoop string beads feathers kits supplied.

Time: 4 hours

Class: $235.

Who you going to call.?????

Ghost busters

Let us rid your house of unpleasant entities that disturb your sleeps or just wont move on. Smoking house Ceremony. Blessing, Prays and Casting Out the unwanted ghost.

Time: depends on what entity you might have

Price: $120

Access Bars and Reiki healing sessions

Access bars has been changing peoples lives, bodies and realities for over 25 years. 32 bars of energy are held around your head that connect different aspects of your life. This is what we call the bars. They store electromagnetic components of all the thoughts ideas attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have about anything. Touch one of these bars and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area.

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $80

Tarot Reading Work shop

Learn to read tarot cards. What he positions means, numbers, the twelve archetypes and much more.

Class 8 hours

Price $135


Crystals may be Hang or put at windows, doors, stairway corners, before the bathroom, and in rooms to deflect and clear negative energies. Crystals are very popular in feng shui to clear unwanted energy and attract depending on colour or what you’ve charged it with.

Rock-salt or sea-salt, and water cleanse and protect the home. Using fingertips or an unused brush, smear the salt water around the walls, windows and doors of every room. With the remaining extras being poured outside in the front and back of your house.

Clean your room:
Before Saddy comes she will expect you to clean your room. Well not just your room, your closet, the dishes, the bathroom, the bathtub, your front and backyard as well. If you can barely get from one side of your room to the other without stepping on something, wouldn’t that say a lot about how your life is flowing?

Saddy will open all your doors and windows for the sun to clean and give positive energy to the entire house. Then you must Close all doors, windows and curtains before sunset, if you have it open at night, it is an invitation for unwanted entities to come in.

Everything vibrates with energy and everything reacts to it in a certain way. That is why aromatherapy works so well. Scents stimulate different emotions, memory and moods. Saddy will use scented candles, air fresheners, dish soap, and other cleaning products for aromatherapy.

Yes, clapping. Stand in the middle of the room facing the window, Saddy will pull her arms back with cupped hands and pull her arms together, pulling negative energy with it, and feel it moving out the window, slamming her hands together to give it a good boost out. She will Repeat until she feel your room is cleanse of negative energy.


Holy Water:
Pray over it to cleanse and protect, and using fingertips or a unused brush, smear holy water around the walls, windows and doors of every room.

Smudging is very effective when you are feeling depressed, angry, frustrated, or just plain unwell. Smudging can be used on rooms or space, yourself, guests, objects, crystals. Smudging is powerful for cleansing negative energies and attracting peaceful and loving energy.

Will be lit that are white candle in each room and pray over it. Let it burn out to the end.

White Sage:
Pray over the sage and burn it in a metal bowl

Singing Bowl:
This will cost a good hit in the pocket, but it is powerful.

Flowers will help keep the peace in the house. I guess that’s why you always see dinner tables with them.

Singing Bowl:
This will cost a good hit in the pocket, but it is powerful.

Popular to keep away demons.


Saddies Mop Bucket

Have you had a deep sense that you have a Guardian Angel on your shoulder? Do you go out in Nature and see Colours and Orbs? Do you have things go bump in the night or even in the day time; wonder if it’s Aunt Flo trying to tell you something?

Do you Know which are the working for you and which one are working against you?

We are offering you a chance to understand this. Know how to work with the ones on your team to send the others off to the light. Profound turning techniques that give you the ability that helps your Angels hear you better and act.

They will go out and find you clients, money, the right house the right job.

Would you like to find the giggle in you when you hear others fearing it? Realising you can help them to free themselves from whats they think is scary.

This course which will make you realise this shit is credible Is usually $795 to do. We have discounted it too $300.

Do you want to find the gold at the bottom of your garden?

Then contact us on our public group page; Bojangels under Avalon Cavendish. Who was one of the contestants on Channel Seven in 2008 on The One.