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You're jokin', you're jokin' I can't believe my ears Would someone shut this fella up I'm drownin' in my tears It's funny, I'm laughing You really are too much And now, with your permission I'm going to do my stuff Oh, the sound of rollin' dice To me is music in the air 'Cause I'm a gamblin' Boogie Man Although I don't play fair

Beyond the Seceret

What does this workshop mean? Well if you where a Romani Gypsy you be very interested in this work shop. Aware that you just may be learning how to rub Aladdin’s lamp and make the Jenie grant you as many wishes as you desire?

Now do I have your attention? Do you want to learn what the Seceret didn’t tell you. Do you want to learn from someone that was for two years Tony Robbins Personal Assistant?

This course is about getting serious about Manifesting and actually making it happen. Do you really want your life to change? Then I wouldnt pass this opportunity up. Want to know more?

Well you going to have to do the course! The price for our time invested in you learning this is.

How much are you tried of wishing for what you want to happen and its now time to go out there and get it?

price $300pp

Flowers in Adict

Did you know flowers and plant can talk? Have you very took the time to listen? They constantly giving us signs.Yet we ignore them. Funny If we just stopped to spell the roses we just might learn a bit more.

Learn how to do a Flower Readings. And how to feel what they are telling you. Or when you next get a bunch of flowers what that person that gave them to you is telling you.

price $170


Flower Reading workshop. – Or if you wish to have an individual personal reading from your own personal flower that you picked. We have readers here that can give you that gift. Make a dairy booking for this and bring along your flower. It must be picked by you. $80 for Personal Flower Reading

Fright Night

Introduction evening to experience paranormal activity.

Safely be Guided by Avalon our Russian Romani Gypsy and Facilitators. We will lead you through safely into a abandoned grave site. Where you will be tort how to enter the sight safely and experience real super natural activity.

This is where you will get to take photos of ghosts. Recording of voices and learn how to talk,

see and feel when ghosts are around. This event is really good if you are wanting to learn tarot,medium,psychic work or hold shamanic spirit circle. Or if you just want proof ghost exist? We hold this event once every month.

Please note the rules if you are wishing to be part of this Activity. These must be followed.

Price $45

The right Channel you should be listening too

In this event you. DRAW AN ANGEL CARD……FIRST TELL THEM WHAT YOU ARE SEEKING GUIDANCE FOR, AND THEN CHOOSE A Card. Place the card in with everyone else. And allow someone else to pick up you card. While you pick up their. Let the Angels whisper in your heart what is require to transpire for this person that has asked for help as you have also. Learn how to trust what is being either seen. Heard felt tasted or smelt. And translate this back with love in you heart. This event is great to start applying your medium or clairvoyant skills.

Price $85